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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Windows 8 PC Home Makeover

Windows 8 PC Home Makeover

Friday, July 20, 2012

With all that has happened of  late 
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i feel compelled to say to all those who read this to go to your children, hug them, stop taking for granted what we have , the smiles even the hello's to each other, we as Christians tend to forget that bad things happen to good people. I too am guilty of this fact. I personally am a mother that panics at every little time i text my girls and they don't text back.  I can not just sit back any more and let go and let god , i personally need to get on my children to take the time to sit on that porch and keep a vigilant eye on my grand children when they go out to play, stop being lazy about enjoying the little time we actually have with each other. Sure we get busy , sure we get tired, the kids are active so what if your tired , if you are too tired to sit on that porch to keep an eye on those children bring them in with you sit them down at the table and allow them to color, take that extra step and fix up that inside tent out of blankets to allow them to spend out the remaining energy. do something special together inside with your doors locked because If you put yourself in these parents positions as what u see in these news reports you will yourself find it will be too late. Take heed in this post and remember to pray for those who are scared this night, those that no longer are given the luxury of hugging their own children.